I need to re-introduce the Tri-State to Amelia!  Amelia is the dog who has been at the Warrick Humane Society longer than any other animal.  She's had some bad luck getting people to meet her and give her a good home, and I'll explain why:


Two months ago I introduced the Tri-State to Tate, an amazing and energetic coon hound mix from the Warrick Humane Society who had been there for about three months.  I was SOOO happy to see that just two days after I wrote about Tate, he found a great home with an amazing family!


Well, I found out that technically, ONE dog has been there even longer than Tate.  The reason we couldn't feature AMELIA two months ago is because she was very sick with parasites when we featured Tate.  She's been with the Warrick Humane Society for about six months getting healthier.  The GOOD NEWS is that Amelia is all better now!  She is still thin from her illness, but she is eating again and putting weight back on!  And now, Amelia is ready to find a home!


I made the video below and a post to our website a month ago, hoping Amelia would have a similar story to Tate.  The very same day we featured Amelia on this website, there was a kennel cough outbreak at the humane society...  We had to take the post down until the humane society was open again.


Well, that time is NOW!  Amelia is a really sweet girl, and you can meet her in the video below.  She's also a coon hound mix (with red bone), and not quite as energetic as Tate.  She's young and very well behaved and super affectionate!  She's currently available for adoption from the Warrick Humane Society!  Let's work together and find this sweet little girl a fur-ever home!


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