All over the world the honey bee is facing the threat of extinction, so the good folks over at McDonald's have decided to give the little buzzers a helping hand by building 'bee friendly' billboards.

Recently, McDonald's constructed the world's smallest restaurant with doubles as a fully functioning bee hive! And in Sweden, the company has started erecting specially designed billboards that say 'Always Open' (in Swedish of course) for wild bees to convert in new homes.

Bees have been on a rapid decline over the past few years and if the trend continues, it will have a devastating effect on the world's agriculture. These bumbling insects' main function, is to carry pollen from one plant to the next. But thanks to the increased use of pesticides on crops and dangerous parasites, bees are in a fight for their lives and potentially ours.

If the billboard hive experiment is successful in Sweden, McDonald's plans to expand the program in the Spring of 2020. So, if you hear a slight buzzing sound the next time you're near a McDonald sign, its just Ronald trying to save the planet.

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