Here you go, ladies...  Your dreamboat has docked!


I'm sure many women here in the Tri State grew up playing with their Barbie and Ken dolls as young girls.  If they're anything like me, they also would fantasize that the dolls they were playing with were real...  Friends of ours in real life situations!  Also like me, you may have developed a crush on one or more of your Ken dolls, creating rich daydreams in which the two of you run off together to a far away land and live happily together after some unfortunate "accident" finds Barbie's plastic corpse in the back of her pink Malibu Convertable.


Well now ladies, your dream has become a reality!  You don't need to have a 7-inch plastic boyfriend anymore!  You can have a REAL MAN who looks JUST LIKE KEN!!  And he's super-manly!!  Justin Jedlica has undergone 90 plastic surgeries to look like the iconic Barbie sidekick.  Here's a video of his journey: