Ok, call me a food snob if you will, but I can't eat food that isn't the color it is SUPPOSED to be. Let me explain. Green ketchup? No. Clear Pepsi? No. Are you feeling my vibe? Let's agree that is is just weird. It messes with your taste buds. My head gets numb. So get this, Post Cereals wants to really mess us up now with their Magic Fruity Pebbles cereal.

Inside the box of Magic Fruity Pebbles are pink pieces of cereal. OK, cereal can be pink. I'm ok with that. But, the magical, kick yourself in the head part, is that when you pour milk over the cereal, the milk turns BLUE. WHAT? No.

How did Post do this? Look.

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New Magic Fruity Pebbles™ cereal is coming soon for a limited time only! Bonus: it turns your milk blue! A post shared by Snack Betch (@snackbetch) on


Mind officially blown.


My granddaughter can't believe it either. :-)

Norah June/Leslie Morgan
Norah June/Leslie Morgan

How does it taste?

It probably won't bother me, you know, the color trick. It all tastes like sugar.

The cereal isn't available yet. If you see it on the shelves, let me know.

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