Even with millions of dollars in the bank, Macklemore is still a thrift shopper. Apparently, he is a fan of collecting fine (read strange) art off the Internet. His collection includes a water-color portrait of a naked Justin Bieber that he keeps in his studio. And the Biebs isn't just nude in the painting. He has syrup dripping from his chest down to his pubic area, and a buttered pancake in place of his manhood.

TMZ recently caught up with the "White Privilege II" rapper and asked the question everybody wants to know. WTF? Instead of shying away from the querry, Mack kept it kinda 100, jokingly responding. "It's an investment piece. I think that that painting is going to be worth a lot of money," he said. "I search eBay and Etsy for fine pieces of art. It cost me about $20, I'm pretty sure that the minute that the Justin Bieber album went No. 1, I'm pretty sure that painting went to about $30, $33. Do the math, man."

While the Grammy-winning rapper is half joking, Beiber mania is definitely real. In all reality, Macklemore may be able to flip this painting for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. But keeping the photo posted up in his studio? Yeah, that's a bit strange. But hey, to each is own.

The Seattle MC went on to explain that the photo was actually a "white elephant" gift -- a gift swap amongst friends -- for someone else. But they left it at his crib, so he kept it.

See the painting of Biebs with the pancake addition below.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

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