Go Kart racing is BIG around here, but there are a ton of tracks in Branson, Missouri that people from all over love to race on. Including the longest track in the state.

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Welcome to the Xtreme Racing Center in Branson, Missouri home to the largest and longest go-kart racing track in the state. The track measures 3,5000 feet of pure racing concrete and not only is the longest track by the fastest track in the U.S. Each heat is about six minutes long with twists and turns throughout the whole track.

Onlyinyourstate.com racers must be a  minimum of 11 years old and stand at least four feet, three inches tall. Don't worry about the littles, there is a Junior track for ages seven and older for them to race on. I love me a good race and next time I am in Branson I will have to check this out and see if I can beat my husband, he's always on me for going too fast now he will have to keep up.

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