If you attended our first ever Kids Day Fun Fest in February then you're more than likely familiar with Evansville magician, Matt Grisham. He's a talented magician who's looking to land a spot on an upcoming reality TV competition and he needs your help!

Before Kids Day Fun Fest, Matt stopped by our offices in Downtown Evansville to show off his card trick skills. I was fortunate enough not only to see several tricks up close, but was also able to participate in one that I still don't know how he pulled off.

Now, Matt has the opportunity to prove his worth to the rest of the country with a spot on an upcoming reality TV competition. The website, realitywanted.com is shopping an open casting call for an upcoming magic competition show to air on a major network. The grand prize for the winner will be there own show in Las Vegas. Give Matt a hand and visit the website to cast your vote.

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