I am fascinated by magic. I know full-well it all boils down to illusion, and using distractions to take your focus off what makes the act a trick, but that's part of the allure for me. I like trying to figure out how the artist is taking my attention away from what makes the trick a trick. After watching the video of local magician, A.C. Shawdini seemingly run the cord of his earbuds through his throat over and over again, I still have no idea how he pulls it off.

I first met A.C. while hosting the annual Big Man on Campus event for Youth Resources earlier this year. A.C. was there representing his alma mater, Reitz High School, and performed a card trick for the talent portion of the show. During rehearsal two nights before the show, he pulled out a deck of cards during some down time and proceeded to perform a few tricks for anyone interested in watching. He did everything from the simple guessing what card someone picked, to a slightly more complicated version where he could select the card someone was thinking of, and I was amazed by all of it.

I started following A.C., now a student at U.S.I., on Twitter shortly after Big Man on Campus, and have seen him share a few videos displaying his talents, some involve cards, others, like the one below, obviously don't. But they are amazing to watch nonetheless.


Again, I have watched this video over and over again, slowing it down by grabbing the time bar to scrub back and forth looking for any type of tell, trying to figure out how he pulls it off, and I'm at a complete loss. If you have it figured out, keep to yourself and don't ruin it for anyone else.

To see more of what A.C. can do, check out more of his videos on Twitter.

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