I'm sure many people here in the Evansville area are familiar with magician Don Baggett.  Don has been on The Rob's Radio Show several times, and is probably regarded as the premiere magician here in the Tri-State.  His magic career has spanned FOUR decades and Don has performed an estimated 3,500 shows...  And next month, he's hanging up his hat and wand FOR GOOD.


Personally, I've seen Don perform many times, and I'm ALWAYS captivated by his shows!  There's seemingly no way to sum up what he does sometimes other than just conceding the fact that the man is magical.  His show is catered to families, and Don has always been the first to volunteer his act for charity events here in the Tri-State.


Don says that his career is going to wrap up exactly where it began...  At Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN where he has been performing for the past six seasons.  If you want to catch the final performance from this true pro, it will be on October 29th at 4:00PM.  Below is the full message released by Don:


After performing nearly 3500 magic shows for the past four decades I have decided that my show on Oct 29, 2017 at 4:00pm (102920174) at Holiday World during Happy Halloween Weekends will not only be my final show of the 2017 Holiday World season, this will also be the final performance of my magic career. Yes, I am retiring as a performer! Some may ask why? It’s really a simple answer….TIME! I want to spend more TIME with my wife, my kids, my family and my friends. In 2017 I have seen people pass that I love, I have seen family and friends fight sickness and seen dear friends’ deal with unthinkable tragedy. Recently I watched my wife, family and friends face hurricane Irma head on while I helplessly watched 900 miles away. Life is precious and our TIME on this earth is limited. As funny as this might sound… I want/need TIME to slow down. My combined magic and work schedule over the past few years has done nothing to slow TIME down, it’s only made TIME slip away faster.


I saw my very first magic show when I was 10 years old at Santa Clause Land (Holiday World). That day I watched the magic show over and over. To say I was amazed and captivated would be an understatement. As my family and I left the park that day two thoughts came to mind:


1) I would love to entertain and make people smile by doing magic.
2) Someday I would love to be the magician performing on the stage of Santa Claus Land (Holiday World).


Well, both of those dreams came true. I have been performing shows for over 4 decades across this great country including the past six season at Holiday World, a wonderful family friendly theme park. As my magically journey comes to an end, the last performance of my magic career will also happen at Holiday World. (It ends where it began and began where it ends) The theater that I saw that first magic show isn’t there any longer but was located only about 50 yards from my performance venue. (It ends where it began and began where it ends = A Full Circle) My final show of my career will take place almost on the exact spot where I saw my first magic show. I believe this is the perfect ending to an incredible and blessed performing career…


My magical career as a performer will have come Full Circle on Oct 29th, 2017


Please join me Oct 29th at 4:00pm….I would love our TIME together before I exit stage right one final time.

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