Every week, I poke around Craigslist just to see what kind of craziness is out there. Today I found something that kind of disturbed me. Now, before you get any ideas of what you think I'm looking at, I'll tell you that I don't even bother diving into the personals. There are some pretty sick tickets in this town. <Shivers down spine...> No, I'm talking about the postings that advertise someone writing a research paper or doing a college course for students.

One particular Evansville ad caught my eye.

I am a freelance writer, with experience in many college courses, able to take your complete online class for you. Many students ask me to write their papers or essays for them, as well as taking complete care of their online course. I make it very easy; I just need you to give me your login and password, and I will login throughout the week, do all assignments and treat your class as if it is my own. I take ALL test/ quizzes, papers, write in discussion boards, etc. I am great with research and citing sources. Everything I turn in is 100% original work, and I always get A's and B's.

If interested, just let me know what class you need help with, along with the requirements or a syllabus, and we can discuss further. Feel free to visit my website at http://www.writtenbytarajohnson.com and email me for more info! Thanks!

I wonder if people actually use this person's services! I'm sure cheating in high school and college happens all the time but now you never even have to crack a book - this person will do it all for you. She even has a website!

I'm a big advocate for doing your own work in school. Cheating will significantly set you back in school and in life. If you are struggling, visit your school's resource center for tutoring or talk to your teacher.

Now, tri-state, it's your turn. If this service was available when you were in high school or college, would you take advantage of it? Would you skip out on your educational experience or still trudge through?