Angel here and this weekend I did it!  I FINALLY went hunting with my husband Joe.  Cue all the eye-rolling and whispers LOL.  Yes, I put on the camo and climbed into a stand.  Here's how it went down!

If you have ever seen any of my story's about Joe's passion for hunting you know this was a big deal.  He loves to hunt and he is totally serious about getting the perfect buck.

When I told him I would go with him this weekend the excitement in his eyes and his face were something of pure love.  He found a babysitter and talked to me about all the things I would need to know.

Saturday was the big day.  I had two remotes that morning so we decided we would go Saturday afternoon.  My first remote was at Reid's Orchard and after I told Katie Reid Clark I was going her reply "you do realize you have to keep your mouth shut right?!"  Thanks friend good looking out!  Then I made my way to Lil Bit Sassy where I told Lisa Aull.  She said "Lord this is going to go well, you know you can't wear makeup, perfume, or cute clothes."

Are these people even my real friends?  I mean come on.  I am a nature girl.  I grew up in the country on a farm.  I love getting dirty I just prefer to be dressed cute instead.

Ok back to the hunt.  Joe has been wanting to get this big buck where he hunts and he told me "I'm getting him when we go baby"  We arrive at the hunting land and Joe begins to unload all his deer gear.

First of all, men when you tell us we pack too much when we go on vacation it is like the pot calling the kettle black.  Joe pulled more out of the bed of his truck than I can get in my pathfinder for a two-hour hunt but I digress.

We finally made it to the tree and Joe had to put the tree stands up with these sticky thingy's and rope.  I almost didn't want to get in the tree because I was 110% positive there was no way it was gonna hold my body.

Angel's First Time Hunting

I posted on Facebook before we left that Joe was talking me hunting.  My sweet, kind, uplifting group of friends all wanted a video so they could see the hilarity of it all.  So who was I to deprive them of what they were asking for while I was hunting?

Contrary to what everyone thought I did not scare the deer off.  The big one came.  I heard him banging his antlers on a tree and he huffed and puffed at us and then he went to drink water at the creek across from us.  He didn't get close enough for Joe to get him with a bow.

Maybe next time!  Yes, there will be a next time just not quite sure when. Apparently, my Live Deer Stand video is having a lasting impact on the hunters.  My friend Lindsay Gaddis text me this morning to say her husband Chris sent this text;

ANGEL WELSH Message from friend Lindsay and her husband.

Even though we didn't get a deer I got a lot out of the hunt.  I loved the quiet time with my husband.  Being out in the middle of the woods is so darn peaceful.  I think I would love to have a gun in my hand and be able to get a deer.

Just another memory we get to add to our list.  Ladies, share your first time hunting stories with us at the WBKR Facebook page!

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