Angel Welsh

Two Huge Rummage Sales This Weekend
Angel here and this weekend is rummage sale galore.  There are two very large rummage sales in the Owensboro area and we have all the information you will need to snag the deals. St. Alphonsus in St. Joe beyond West Louisville west of Owensboro is having their huge seasonal rummage sale...
"Hello Heaven" This Is Angel Can I Talk To My Momma Please?
Angel here and today marks 12 whole long and grueling years that my momma left this earth to go to her heavenly resting place.  I remember growing up I couldn't wait to be an adult so I could do things on my own.  Turns out the jokes on me and most days I wish there was a direct line to heaven so I could hear her voice and ask her advice...
Parents STAY ALERT Around Water
Pools are opening everywhere and as a momma of a child who nearly drowned in a family, pool water safety is at the top of my list for utmost importance especially when summer begins!

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