Clubs can be loud, busy and raucous places. Add in a little alcohol and misunderstandings can be reached in an instant. That was the case this past weekend, when Lil' Kim stepped in to prevent a fight between Maino and cop-turned-actor Steve Stanulis, as the New York Daily News reports.

Kim had performed at Brooklyn's Club Love, when, in the process of relocating to another portion in the club, two vodka bottles went missing. Maino, a member of Kim's 20-person entourage that night, was apparently unfazed or unaware of the missing bottles, jumping on top of a banquette and taking a swig from a nearby bottle. With suspicions raised, Stanulis, who was partying nearby, asked Kim's entourage if they had taken the bottles, later asking Maino "Have you got a bottle of vodka?" the News was told.

Maino, misinterpreting the question, responded with "Yeah, go get me a bottle!” prompting Stanulis to jump on the banquette alongside the rapper and go to chest-to-chest. "Do you know who I am?” a Daily News insider heard Maino say, to which Stanulis responded, “I don’t care! Do you know who I am?”

That's when Kim intervened, telling both parties to calm down. The club agreed to forget about the missing bottles with both Maino and Stanulis returning to their respective corners.

Kim and Maino have become frequent collaborators as of late, linking up on the Notorious B.I.G. ode "I Did it for Brooklyn" and a "Panda" remix before that. Read the full story of Kim's peacekeeping ways courtesy of the New York Daily News.

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