Lil Kim has found herself under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department after a woman claims she was robbed by the Brooklyn rapper's goons.

According to TMZ, the alleged incident is over a beach home Kim rented in L.A. to throw a party in for the 2017 BET Awards. The report states, Kim went to check the pad out early Sunday morning (June 25) and was displeased with what she found. She demanded her deposit back, but was told that was not happening. After an argument broke out, cops were called to quell the situation and Kim and her team left.

Two hours later, the owners claim a group of ski-mask wearing gunman broke into the home and took Kim's deposit check, plus cash totaling $20,000. The robbers also slashed the victim's tires as they fled, according to police.

Though they only have circumstantial evidence at the time, LAPD is looking into Kim as possibly being involved in the crime.

In related news, Kim and Havoc of Mobb Deep will reportedly be honoring the late Prodigy during tonight's 2017 BET Awards ceremony. Unfortunately, P passed so close to the airing of the show it doesn't appear that he will be able to get a lengthy stand-alone tribute. Hav and Queen Bee were recently added to the lineup to present awards. They will reportedly give testimonies about the HNIC during their time onstage.

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