Did you wash your hands? How many times have you been asked that question? Well let me ask you, have you washed you hands in style with all natural hand crafted soap? Now, you can get the grime off your hands and use locally made products and support small business! Don't forget the soap and other body products from Smitten Soapery.

Offering a large variety of delicious flavors so good you'll want to eat it, but don't because it is soap!

Their best seller in soap is the Energy. It smells like Sweet Tarts and of course is one of the scents I picked up for my house.

Other popular items available are their Body scrubs and sprays. The sprays you can get with a shimmer added so you body can just glitter.

One other product that piqued my interest was the flavored lip balms. They offer flavors Popcorn, Bacon and even Pickle!

So what are you waiting for go to their website right now. http://smittensoapery.com/  check them out on Facebook for all information including any upcoming shows, or even call 812-430-0911

Heather welcomes questions, requests and your feedback of any kind.

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