Wasps are out in full force once again in Indiana. If you have a wasp problem at your house, this simple trick just might help keep them away.

I have always had a wasp problem at my home, especially this time of year. For some reason, they all like to congregate by my front door like they are welcome guests...which they are not. The last thing that I want is to have to come home from work only to get greeted by a wasp stinging me, or my family. We all know that getting stung by a wasp or bee isn't the most pleasant feeling. So, that's why I wanted to share with you a hack that I learned last year that will help avoid a confrontation like that with these pests.

Sure, you can spray for wasps,  but if you want a more humane way of kicking them off your property, there's a trick that has been floating around for quite some time now that's a simple home remedy to get rid of bees and wasps that requires little work, and it doesn't kill them. It might sound a little odd at first, but hear me out.

Wasp on orchid

How To Keep Wasps Out Of Your Yard

If you want to keep these unwanted pests away from your yard, Home and Garden Ideas suggests that all you need brown paper bag, a handful of those plastic bags that you have stored in a cabinet somewhere that you probably won't ever use, and some string. That's it. I know, it sounds very random and you might be wondering how this even works. Hang tight. We'll get there.

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Firstly, there are some species of wasps that tend to avoid a pre-existing wasp’s nest, according to Home and Garden Ideas. So, what you're going to do with those three items listed above is make a decoy hornet's nest. Is it making sense now?

There's a four-step process that you can do to make this, and it takes no time at all.

Step 1:

Grab a brown paper bag and stuff it with some of those plastic shopping bags (or even newspaper if you have it).

Step 2:

Tie off the top of the bad with a string.

Step 3:

Crinkle up the bag in an oval shape, so that it resembles a wasp nest.

Step 4:

Finally, hang it outside in an area that you want to keep wasps and bees away from.

In the end, you'll get something like this:

Home and Garden Ideas says that wasps will normally stay away from the vicinity of the fake paper bag nest because they don’t like confrontation with other wasps. As you can see from the post above, bees will stay away too. Give it a try and see if you notice fewer wasps and bees roaming around in your yard. Hang multiple of these bags if you have to!

Oh, and if you find that wasps like to hang out in your mailbox, there's a hack for that too. It involves nothing more than a dryer sheet. Click here to learn more about how to keep wasps out of your mailbox. It would be a nice thing to do for yourself and your mail carrier.

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