If you know me, you know that I'm a rule follower. I'm also the one that rats you out if you do something wrong. This is especially true if I've had to figure out who did something, like making a mess in our work kitchen. Yes, I've rattled on my coworkers, even Bobby. So, it makes sense for me to finally tell on myself.

That's where our Cubicle Confessions come in handy. Oh, yes I realize that we aren't actually in the cubicle anymore. We stay in our studio since we are still keeping things safe in our office.

I've put this off long enough, so here it is. For three years (2001-2004) I was a Communications Officer in Gibson County. That's a fancy title for a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Any type of career that involves death, crime, and angry people creates a pretty stressful work environment. To pass the time in the dispatch center, basically the size of a closet, we could joke around, watch TV or do something we technically aren't supposed to do.

Dispatchers have access to more private information than you could imagine. Information like this in the wrong hands could cause a lot of trouble. Now, you know how much I love celebrities, and realizing that I could run my favorite Country singer's license to see his driving record and address, I couldn't resist.

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Just don't tell Gary. It will be our little secret!

Photo: Liberty
Photo: Liberty

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