I guess I have always been an 'aggressive' eater. The word I used on the air today is voracious, which is defined as "wanting or devouring great quantities of food," and "having a very eager approach to an activity," which both seem right when describing how I eat. If I'm eating something really yummy, I want to get it in my mouth as fast I can, and I do that by taking big bites - will also start my next big bite before I'm actually done chewing and swallowing the previous bite. When I was younger, that way of eating would sometimes lead to burping or indigestion, or I might occasionally bite my lip or cheek - but usually nothing more than that, usually. My latest Cubicle Confession talks about that one exception.

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Go back in time with me, if you will, to my second year of college - I call it my 'second' year instead of my 'sophomore' year because I'm not sure if I was technically a sophomore yet. It would have been late '94 or early '95, and I'm gonna say I was 19 years old. Those details have no bearing whatsoever on the story, I just want you to know how friggin' long ago this was (Dang, I'm old!). So, I'm sitting in my apartment, watching TV, about to devour a Whopper w/cheese meal from Burger King (that was my go-to fast food meal back in the day). I'm doing what I do with my food (remember, I'm voracious) and I guess I was paying more attention to the TV than what I was actually putting in my mouth - next thing you know, I was hurting and bleeding, big time. Watch the video below to find out why I was bleeding, and to get the rest of the story.

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