Lance Bass' offer was accepted on the Brad Bunch house, but before he could even write a check, he lost it. 

Lance Bass, former 'NSYNC member, took to Twitter August 3rd to announce his offer had been accepted on the iconic Brady Bunch house.

Before Lance could even write a check and let it sink in, that he was getting this house. He got a call that was heartbreaking! According to ABC News, Lance is already saying "Bye Bye Bye" to the house. On Sunday, Bass learned he was no longer the new owner. A "corporate buyer (Hollywood studio)" wanted the house, at any cost (the name of the corporate buyer has not been released).Therefore, Bass' buying agent encouraged him to not try to outbid the corporate buyer because they would just run up the bid.

Bass took to Instagram Sunday evening, stating his deepest regrets and heartbreak over the home.

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