Kylie Jenner has quickly become the most headline-grabbing of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and in record time, too. From her lip injections to her highly questionable relationship with 25-year-old rapper Tyga, Kylie hasn't gone a day or two without her name in the press over the past year. That kind of attention — wanted or not — can wreak havoc on anyone’s mental state, but Kylie’s keeping things kool with a new tattoo.

Earlier today (December 28), Kylie posted a photo of a brand new hip tattoo to Instagram. The word “sanity” is spelled out phonetically in red ink, a stylistic choice Kylie first debuted with a red heart tattoo placed just above her elbow. Both tattoos were done courtesy of famed tattoo artist Bang Bang, who’s inked several celebrities in the past.

Kylie even returned the favor back in November when she handled the tattoo gun and gave Bang Bang a tattoo of a crown (representative of her self-appointed moniker King Kylie, we assume). Despite a report from TMZ claiming the New York City Health Department was looking into possibly fining the tattoo artist at the time, Bang Bang claimed he’s yet to be fined for allowing a celebrity to tattoo him. He also made the point: “Isn’t it best to learn under a licensed professional who can supervise?” Sure is!

And if they did fine him? Bang Bang’s cool with that: “FYI, I’d pay $1,000 to let Kylie tattoo me any day of the week.”

Would you let Kylie Jenner tattoo you for a cool $1,000? Would you let her tattoo you for free?

Kylie Jenner's Style Evolution

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