The Vegan revolution is gone to the next step thanks to the buzz created by Burger King and other carnivore friendly restaurants.

KFC's new 'Miracle' Fried chicken is made with a plant based product from a company called BEYOND MEATS that threw it's hat into the vegan arena in 2019. It will be sold as either a 'nugget' or a 'bone-less wing', which to me is basically the same thing only different shapes.

I've always been skeptical of foods imitating other foods. I've never liked turkey bacon or burgers but I love sliced turkey lunch meat and regular turkey on Thanksgiving. My youngest son is a chicken nugget connoisseur and I find it hard to believe that he won't be able to tell the difference. Just like with the Burger King Impossible burger, most people are thrown off by the texture difference as apposed to the overall taste.

And if you are a die-hard vegan that doesn't wan't ANY animal bi-product cross-contamination, be warned that these new nuggets will be cooked in the same fryers as the regular food. In order to avoid this, some restaurants will offer to cook the 'miracle' meat in the mircowave, which definitely alters the taste and texture of foods versus regular frying.

I think this vegan revolution thing is getting a little out of control. Pretty soon every restaurant will have some kind of non-meat substitute, but until my doctor or my wife forces me to start eating this 'BEYOND MEAT', I'll take meats the old fashioned way.

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