Katy Perry is at the top of her game right now and is one of the most beloved females in the pop music fiefdom. While conventional wisdom might dictate that Perry should continue to strike while the iron is blazing hot, the singer is actually planning to take a step away from her music career in order to concentrate on something a little more important: family.

The New York Posts Page Six reports that once the ‘The One That Got Away’ singer completes her ‘California Dreams’ tour this week, she will take time off. The tour ran for 122 shows across the globe, as Perry cranked out No. 1 single after No. 1 single through 2010 and 2011, all the while experimenting with new hair colors and starring in the Smurfs movie. The Post indicated that Perry told her management team that she plans to take a year off so that she can start a family with her husband, actor/funnyman Russell Brand, whom she married a year ago.

While performing at NYC’s famed Madison Square Garden on Wednesday (Nov. 16), Perry joked to the crowd that she was bloated from feasting on too much New York City pizza, not because she’s preggers. Obviously, if she’s taking a year off to try and start a family with her hubby, she’ll likely hope it’ll be the other way around sooner than later.

We respect Perry’s decision to put family first and the fact that she has her priorities in line, but it wouldn’t shock us if her managers and label try and talk her out of leaving the public eye while she is such a hot commodity, since fans can be so fickle with their taste. Whatever the case, Perry has to do what is best for her.

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