My friend Nikki has started a 7am Sunday Challenge to help motivate me to build my distance, and I'll tell you how I'm doing with it.

Runner feet sunrise
Photo: Warren Goldswain

You may remember that I took part in the Glow Run through downtown Evansville about a month or so ago. I walked 3 miles as part of the event, and even ran a small portion of it - mostly so I didn't get trampled at the start! Since then, I have decided that by fall, I want to actually run a 5k! The problem with this is that I rarely exercise (and by rarely, I really mean never.) Obviously, with my lack of experience, running a 5k could be a little difficult.

This is where Nikki has come in. She actually just ran a full marathon about a month ago, after months of months of training. Nikki is helping me build my endurance, extend my distance and helping me keep motivated. In fact, she has launched what she is calling the 7am Sunday Challenge, where she & I walk. Today it was 4 miles. This is the second Sunday that she has walked with me, and the second 4 mile distance. Today, however, my calves are on fire. I feel like the muscles are in knots, and every time I stand up, I walk a little funny for the first 6 or 7 steps until my muscles realize they have no choice but to support me.

Now, please don't get me wrong. It is an incredible feeling - knowing that my legs hurt because I did something good for me. I am looking forward to building distance, and eventually starting to run. I will admit that I am nervous about running as I'm not particularly coordinated, but I have a friend who told me if I fall down, to just get up and keep running. Keep your fingers crossed for me that by Fall, I can actually run a 5k. For now, I hope you don't mind if I update you from time to time on my progress.

♥ Kat

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