Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran of the Wanted are in the middle of the band's final tour before they take an extended hiatus. The duo killed some time before their Denver show this week and were allegedly accosted by a knife-wielding homeless man. Whoa. Wait. What?

TMZ is reporting that the singers went to see the new Johnny Depp film 'Transcendence' in the Mile High City on Wednesday, April 23. When they were leaving the theater, they were bothered by a homeless man.

He reportedly asked them for some money and when Siva gave him a few dollars, he requested -- okay, demanded -- more. The source said that the homeless man was persistent and would not back down. In fact, he was so pushy that he pulled a knife.

There was said to be a minor scuffle between the men before the homeless man scurried off.

The Wanted boys are fine and cops weren't called, so further details about this incident are scarce. We're unsure why the authorities were not involved, if a potentially dangerous man with a knife attempted to attack people. WTF is up with that?

The only mention of this incident was done in an incredibly indirect way on Siva's twitter account, where he thanked the theater for the gratis tickets. No mention of the homeless attack was made, but he did confirm that he went to see the film. Jay's Twitter hasn't been updated since mid-April and he made no mention of it, either.

Siva's tweet is below.


Sounds like a scary, sketched out situation. Whatever the case, we are glad the boys are okay.

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