Two of the world's biggest boy bands are releasing new albums only weeks apart! One Direction's 'Midnight Memories' is dropping Nov. 25, and The Wanted's 'Word of Mouth' hits stores on Nov. 4. We are giddy at the thought of all of this new music, but which album are you most excited to hear?

Directioners are in for a huge treat leading up to the 'Midnight Memories' release! One Direction announced they'll be hosting a seven-hour live stream just days before the album drops. As far as the new music goes, we don't know much. 'Best Song Ever,' the album's first single, is pretty darn catchy and shows that the boys still have a great sense of humor! A snippet of 'Story of My Life,' the next radio-bound track, reassures us that the boys are going to be bringing their A-game with this record.

We got a much bigger peek into the Wanted's new album, and we like what we hear! 'We Own the Night' was the first cut released from 'Word of Mouth,' and the carpe diem-themed track shows a mature side of the guys. The tracks range from upbeat to anthemic to heartfelt ballads. With variety like this, we know there's a track for every pop music lover!

Whose album are you chomping at the bit to hear? Vote for your fave boy band below!


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