You never know what you'll find people selling on Evansville's Facebook Marketplace. 

Evansville truly never disappoints when it comes to bizarre stories and situations, and the local Facebook Marketplace is no exception.

This week, we sifted through the thousands of items for sale in our lovely city and found the most questionable listings. Let's get this started.

Maddie West

I'm not sure where to begin here, but it looks like someone wants a free microwave. Why we're bringing beanie babies into it...I have no idea?

Ah, nothing like purchasing home cleaning products from your friendly neighbors on Facebook. And for $10? The toilet better clean itself for that.

WOW! What a bargain! I can buy ***magic wands*** on Facebook. No packaging or safety wrap? This definitely seems sanitary!

Maddie West

Even if "only worn a couple times", please do yourself a favor and don't buy undergarments off Facebook Marketplace.

Maddie West

I know it's broken, but trust me, IT WORKS! A working washer for $15? SAY WHAT!

Maddie West

Seems like a fair price, but I don't understand how the advertisement is misspelled when it's PRINTED ON THE BACK!!!

I'm sure there's plenty more, but I physically and mentally cannot take anymore. We need to stop now.