Isaiah 117 House in Evansville, a safe place for children in the foster care system to call home while awaiting more permanent housing, is asking the community for assistance with supplies for their young residents.

On the website, Founder and Executive Director Ronda Paulson tells the story of how Isaiah House came into existence.

In 2014, my husband, Corey, and I went through training to become foster parents. As part of our training, we attended a class at the Washington County, TN Department of Children’s Services office in Johnson City, TN. During that class, we were informed that when children are removed from their homes, they often must come to the DCS office and wait for placement. As I looked around the cubicle-filled space, I couldn't imagine a scared child sitting in such a sterile, cold environment waiting to learn their fate. That is when I believe God put on my heart the Isaiah 117 House.

Fast-forward one year to November 5, 2015, at 3:45pm. I received a call from the Carter County TN DCS office in Elizabethton, TN. Within an hour, Corey, and I, along with our two children, Sophie and Mac, were picking up our foster son at the back door of the office. He was dirty, in clothes that were too small, and literally had nothing in the world. This was the second time, I believe, the Lord put on my heart the Isaiah 117 House.

We asked the question “What if there was a home where children could go when they are removed?” What if there was a safe place with friendly, loving volunteers? What if there was an environment with clean clothes, bath toys, snacks, comfy beds, and toys? What if, instead of cubicles, the traumatized child could see smiles, books, and snuggly blankets?

Now there are Isaiah Houses across 12 states including Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Can You Help?

Recently, the local Isaiah 117 House reached out via social media with an urgent request. They need us to set up.

List of needed items

  • Boys socks size infant- adult
  • Boy's body wash and shampoo
  • Infant/baby items: nail clippers, bottle brushes, diaper rash cream, bottles, nasal aspirators, lotions 

Drop-off locations for items:

  • Bob's Gym
  • Window World
  • Encounter Church
  • Sam's Pizza
  • Tool's 4 Teaching 
  • Hope Light Church

You are also able to shop directly from their Amazon wish list to have shipped to their facility.  


Other ways to help

For more information on how to help support the Isaiah 117 House and how to donate, head on over to their website. There you can find out how to make one-time donations, become a monthly donor with perks, and leave a mark on the world by "legacy giving" While you are there sign up to receive their newsletter for monthly updates and events. 

A young guest came through our red door and a loving volunteer was there to care for their needs - a snack, a bubble bath, and fresh jammies. As the volunteer was putting the child to bed, the child said, "You know, I've seen in movies where kids get to read bedtime stories before bed. Do you think we could do that?" The volunteer said, “Yes, of course!”, and read about eight books. As she was getting ready to turn out the light, the child said, "You know, I've also seen in movies where kids get a goodnight hug and kiss before bed. Do you think I could get a hug and a kiss too?" The volunteer once again said, Of course!” and gave them a hug and kiss. Not only were this child's needs met on a really hard day, but they were also shown love and support. They went to bed knowing they matter. Your support enables us to care for children on a very, hard day. Together, we can change the way foster care begins!

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