We often share stories and fundraising opportunities from organizations like Isaiah 117 House Vanderburgh County and Borrowed Hearts Foundation. Both nonprofits work with children and families in foster care. There's a story behind every child in foster care, and when I heard about two brothers in Indiana who just want to be adopted together, it just broke my heart.

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Leland is nine years old and Owen is thirteen. They have been in three different foster homes, but they both share the same wish - Actually a couple of wishes. The boys would love to live in the country so they can play outside, a dog would be nice, but most of all, they just want to be adopted together. They also just want to be with people that will be nice to them. Excuse me while I go cry now.

Meet Owen


Owen is a teenager, and he is all boy! He loves sports, and really wants to play on a football team. Owen has Autism, so he needs a home environment that can allow him to experience things at his own pace. We are on the same page when it comes to food. Owen says he is a very picky eater, and I'm guessing we would both order from the kid's menu.

Meet Leland


Leland is nine years old, and like his older brother, he is into sports. In addition to having a huge outdoor area to play in, he really wants a Rotweiller, so it can protect them. Oh my goodness. Leland is interested in mechanics and he has a simple, but specific taste in food - McDonald's.

Adoption Process in Indiana

Now that we have all fallen in love with these two brothers, it's time to find them the perfect family. According to the Indiana Adoption Program, there are very specific steps that you will need to follow, in order to be eligible to adopt a child in the State of Indiana.

To be considered a potential adoptive placement for a child from Indiana’s foster care system, you must:

1. Complete 16 hours of Resource/Adoptive Parent Training (RAPT I – IV)

2. Connect with a social worker at a licensed child placing agency (LCPA), who will complete your family’s adoption preparation assessment (home study), which will include various background checks, financial and medical information, along with biographical information and preferences regarding types of children you may be interested in adopting. 

3. Become Recommended to Adopt. By becoming Recommended you will:

  • Be invited to adoption Meet & Greet events! These are fun and interactive ways for prospective parents to meet kids in foster care who have a plan of adoption.

  • Have access to our Parent Portal where you can view the Child Summaries of both Legally Free and TPR-pending children. 

To become Recommended, a family must have a completed home study and have completed RAPT-IV. Your preparation agency will need to present your home study at the Indiana Adoption Council to become Recommended to Adopt.

Source:[Indiana Adoption Program]

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