It's back to school time here in the Tri-State!  Sometime last week on The Rob's Radio Show With Maddie West...  With Liberty, Liberty said that she and her husband Doug had a tough time helping their son Chase with his fourth grade homework.  The Rob was a bit surprised, and thought he would have NO PROBLEM solving fourth grade homework problems.


So, Liberty decided to take him up on that challenge!  She found a page of math problems from Chase's textbook and tested Rob.  Part of the exercise is to show your work, which is actually designed for Common Core, however Rob had never learned Common Core so he just did his own thing.


One last thing, if you're wondering why the work looks so peculiar, it's because Rob forgot how to do division by hand.  Liberty banned him from using a calculator, and even though googling "how to divide" would have yielded Rob the answer in seconds, he did it all without ANY help from Google OR a calculator.


I mean, just LOOK at this mess of multiplication problems he had to do instead of division!  If you can make heads or tails out of what The Rob did, God bless you!  All in all, we're giving him a 4/6 (we're throwing out #3, since he didn't have time to complete it), which is a passing grade, but nothing his mom is likely to be hanging on the refrigerator!



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