Drivers in the Tri-State have been concerned for their well-being, as well as the legitimacy of the people pulling them over.  There have been theories floating around social media pertaining to the the proper course of action when you have concerns in this regard.  We at TownSquare Media have reached out to our friends at the Evansville Police Department to ascertain exactly what you should do if you are worried you may be confronted by an illegitimate officer of the law.

  Here is what we learned from Sgt. Jason Cullum and a press release via


-Nearly every Evansville Police Department vehicle is clearly marked.

-If the vehicle is unmarked, which is possible, the officer will be in uniform.

-Uniforms include a badge and/or shoulder patch.

-If you are still unsure of the officer's validity, immediately dial 9-1-1, give them your location, and they will assist you, usually by sending an additional officer.

-If you believe the person pulling you over is not a police officer, you ARE allowed to drive away with your hazard lights flashing and IMMEDIATELY call 9-1-1 for assistance.


Additionally, if you have any information regarding the person or persons impersonating police officers, please cal 812-867-2079.


You can also check out for more information.

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