Here in the great state of Indiana, a sure sign of warmer weather coming back isn't the return green leaves on the trees, it's the budding of orange cones on the roadways.

Last week, the Indiana Department of Transportation, in association with the Governor's office, held "Indiana Work Zone Awareness Week". An effort to remind drivers to slow down in road construction zones. The effort included the above memorial on I-164 between the Lloyd and Morgan Avenue to the eight road crew workers who died last year in work zone traffic accidents, as well as this public service announcement.

While "Awareness" week is over, it doesn't mean we can go back to flying through areas where road construction is taking place. Not only do you risk injuring or killing someone who is out doing their job, you could wind up facing a stiff fine if caught speeding through a work zone.

According to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) website, the following fines will be imposed on drivers who are caught not obeying the posted speed limit in a work zone (usually 45 miles per hour):

  • $1000 for speeding
  • $5000 for driving recklessly or aggressively
  • Up to $10,000 and/or a prison sentence of up to eight years for injuring or killing a highway worker.
INDOT also announced that State Police will be patrolling work zones across the state in white pickup trucks designed to look like vehicles normally found in a work zone in an effort to keep motorists in check.


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