In a possible effort to become the Starbucks of the Evansville area with a location on seemingly every corner, CVS announces the construction of a new location on the corner of St. Joe and Delaware Street.

Scheduled to begin construction later this Spring, the new location will require the demolition of existing properties at the intersection, including the Rally's franchise which will relocate to, at this time, an undisclosed location, as well as roughly 10 homes in the neighborhood, presumably those sitting behind Rally's in the photo above.

Upon completion (expected in the Fall), the store will be over 13,000 square feet in size and will include the company's most recent feature, the Minute Clinic.

The opening of the new store will also result in the closure of the smaller CVS on Sonttag Avenue in the Wesselman's. It is unclear at this time if employees of the Sonttag store will transition to the new location, or if the company will look to hire additional employees to work at the much larger store.

Those familiar with the intersection will realize the opposite corner of the intersection has been home to the company's main competitor Walgreens for a number of years setting up somewhat of a new turf war for those needing prescriptions filled, over-the-counter medicines, or health and beauty products.

Let's just hope that if a rumble between the two breaks out, it looks like this.

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