Motorists looking to hop on the I-164 East bypass from downtown Evansville will get the opportunity to do so once again on Friday after weeks of construction closed the roadway to traffic.

To be completely honest, I'm not sure why construction was taking place. According to Fake Lloyd Winnecke on Twitter, a "Megagopher" had burrowed a tunnel under the road causing it to become unstable. While hilarious to think about, it's obviously not the reason behind the road work.

While we live in Evansville, my kids go to the school in Boonville where my wife teaches. This means any and all extracurricular activities like baseball games, gymnastics, etc. also take place in Boonville. Which in itself means, a few trips to Boonville for me each week after work during the sports seasons. With the station in downtown Evansville, hopping on eastbound I-164 at Waterworks Road and taking it around to Morgan Avenue, while technically a little out of the way, makes for a much quicker trip since it eliminates several stop lights.

Thanks to the construction, the past few weeks have forced me to run Walnut Street to either Kentucky Avenue or Highway 41 and pick up eastbound I-164 at one of those two intersections. It's also added about 12 stoplights which, depending on how many I actually get stuck at, adds roughly 10 extra minutes to what is already a nearly 30 minute trip. A major inconvenience? No, just a frustrating one when you're trying to get your kid's game on time.

Thankfully it won't be an issue anymore starting on Friday.

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