Mother Nature's frigid turn is one of the reasons the groundbreaking for Evansville's new downtown hotel, scheduled for later this month, has been postponed. So when will construction begin?

According to officials, it could be at least another month before work can begin on the project. Certainly the bitter cold temperatures and harsh weather we've had recently have forced the postponement, but there is a bit more to it than just that. Another roadblock, according to Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, is that developers HCW have discovered underground leftovers from the parking garage that once stood on the site. These moorings that used to support the parking garage have forced HCW to redesign the new hotel's foundation in order to avoid removing the moorings.

Will this delay and redesign have a financial impact on the project? Mayor Winnecke says NO. The financial contract is designed to include contingencies for these types of unexpected situations.

Rick Huffman, the "H" from HCW has told us that once the project begins it should be finished in about 525 days. This new hotel will feature 257 rooms, a restaurant on the ground level, a 10th floor indoor/outdoor bar area, and glass walkways that will connect to the Ford Center and The Centre.

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