When my kids were growing up, bedtime story time was part of their nightly routine. I miss those moments of imagination and wonder, but now I get to enjoy those same moments with my granddaughter.

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The same books

Although she only likes to read four books over and over again, each time she acts like it is the first time she's read the book. Well, except for those times she has memorized parts of the books, she is thrilled and amazed every time.

Book reaction

My friend Amanda posted this video of her son reacting with that that same kind of reaction. His face is so cute as the classic story of Billy Goats Gruff unfold before his eyes. His facial expressions, as his mom reads the story, will make your face break out in a smile.

Adults struggle with wonder

If only our childlike wonder didn't end with our childhood. It seems like we get so jaded and worn down by life that we forget to just enjoy and let ourselves go. It's such a shame.

So much of our life is rushed and focused on the wrong things. So much of what surrounds us, every day, is amazing. And, even if we see it, we don't it ourselves react with pure joy and amazement. Instead, we act like it's no big deal for fear if we react in such way, we will appear childlike.

Stop and appreciate

When was the last time you just stopped, looked around and appreciated the pure wonder of the world around you? Things in nature, moments of joy, times of realization, and tests strength are all meant to be pondered upon with awe, enlightenment, and happiness.

Don't let life just pass by

Please don't let pass you by without really feeling, uninhibited feelings of joy, wonder, and amazement. Doing this will help you will realize that all of life is beautiful, even things like tale of the Billy Goats Gruff.

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