Two of hip hop's all-time greats appear in this rare video!

Like many rappers, Jay-Z has always cited the Notorious B.I.G. as one of the most important influences in his entire career.  It makes sense, too...  Both were New York rappers who got their start in the early 90s, and while Biggie clearly hit the 'big time' first, he was always there to help Jay get his start.  In fact, even on B.I.G.'s second (and final) album Life After Death, Notorious B.I.G. even features the then-mostly-unknown Jay-Z on a few tracks (My favorite of which being "I Love the Dough").


The collaborations actually weren't officially released until AFTER The Notorious B.I.G. was murdered as Life After Death was released shortly after the rapper's untimely death.  Therefore, actual performances outside of the studio with BIG and Jay-Z are EXTREMELY rare.  And for the first time one, has surfaced.


While I can't tell if the audio on the video is just dumping out curse words, or dropping because of the age of the tape, this is a very cool piece of film for fans of old school hip hop.  Enjoy this rare footage of two of the best of all-time sharing the stage doing "Get Money" at music video producer's Ralph McDaniel's birthday party in 1996:


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