EVANSVILLE had it's very own 'SHARK TANK', offering people a chance to pitch their ideas for inventions and new businesses. According to Inside Indiana Business 
Evansville-based Heliponix won first place last week at the Venture Club of Indiana's regional pitch competition in Evansville with GROPOD, an in-home hydroponic appliance that can grow fresh produce and will move on to the statewide Innovation Showcase competition in August.

I once pitched an idea to one of the major video game console makers or how to make one of their 1st person shooter controllers and little bit more user friendly by adding a shoulder strap attachment to it. They responded by saying that although it was a good idea, they were discontinuing that controller and designing a newer one from scratch.  Well, at least I tried!

If you had a chance to pitch an idea for a business or invention, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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