Before we get started, if you are a dentist, stop reading right now, because I am about to spend the next few paragraphs extolling the virtues of candy corn.

Okay? Okay.

Yes, I love candy corn. Always have, always will. And I don't just like the regular flavor either. I have very much enjoyed most all the other varieties that are out there, as well. I even like those pumpkins that don't LOOK like candy corn but are made like it.

And, of course, I love mixing candy corn and peanuts together. So good.

Now, I do have to draw the line when it comes to what our friends Mark and Susan Schell brought us the other day. You probably heard Chad and Angel talking about Brach's new Turkey Dinner Candy Corn after giving it a taste-test.

I'm sorry, but I cannot fathom eating a piece of candy corn that tastes like green beans, roasted turkey, stuffing, or ginger-glazed carrots. I'm kind of gagging right now thinking about it. I WOULD, however, try the cranberry sauce or sweet potato pie flavors. I mean, they're sweet, so that could totally work.

What I WILL be trying is blackberry cobbler candy corn. I mean, are you serious?

I mentioned this to a friend of mine on Facebook and got the vomiting emoji, which is hilarious. But that's because he doesn't like candy corn in general. Most everyone else is clamoring for it.

And the fact that I'm having an increasingly difficult time finding an online retail platform that still has it in stock bears that desire out.

So, what do you think? Turkey Dinner Candy Corn or blackberry cobbler candy corn?

Should I even have to ask?

Alright, dentists, I'm done.

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