Last night, I ate at the recently re-opened Crazy Buffet in Evansville.

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Last night, my family went to Crazy Buffet for my Dad's birthday. Yes, that is where he wanted to go, and yes, we were all aware of what happened about two weeks ago.

We were mildly hesitant, but we ended up not having a bad meal. I'm a big broccoli and chicken fan, which Crazy Buffet had plenty of. They also have a large selection of different entrees on the buffet line that not a lot of Chinese restaurants have. They have a full sushi bar as well, which for me, was the weakest part of my dining experience.

My favorite part was definitely their crab rangoon. I'm a big fan of that particular appetizer, so it was nice that they were plentiful. They also have American options such as pizza if you have picky kids.

Overall, I don't know why people are being so reluctant to go back to the place. Yes, they had the violations, but they've obviously taken care of them to be able to open back up. If you want an affordable buffet experience, you could do a lot worse than Crazy Buffet.

Basically, it's Crazy Buffet; you kinda know what you are getting when you go there.

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