WWE Live is coming to Ford Center THIS SUNDAY (May 5th, 2019)!  You want to go, but you don't have tickets...  We hear this story all the time!  We did gave away our last pair of tickets for on-air giveaways.  BUT we did come up with two more pairs tickets and we're going to give them away through the KISS 106 app!


Entering the contest is VERY simple!  All you need to do is send us audio or video of yourself talking about wrestling!  We'd love to hear you cut a promo (talk some trash WWE-style), on either The Rob, Maddie, or WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre!  You could sing your favorite wrestler's theme song, or some of your favorite catchphrases!  Do whatever you want as an audio or video clip!  Then send it to us through the KISS 106 app!


We'll choose two people to be our winners!  Good luck!  If you don't know how to send us audio or video, here are some real easy instructions:



Step 1
Step 2