As more things around the home are becoming voice activated and wi-fi compatible, homes and apartments are becoming SMARTER! With the touch of a button or voice command, you can turn on your TV, lights, music, and even have your refrigerator make a shopping list!

I remember when the 'smartest' thing in our house was the 'CLAPPER'! Being able to turn to lights on and off without having to walk to the other side of the room, possibly banging your toe on something along the way was the greatest thing since the remote control. Now, devices like the Echo, Dot, and Google Assistant, give you total control over your environment from the temperature of the A/C to the temperature of the water in your shower!

The Rathbone building near Haynie's Corner in Evansville Historic District was closed in 2017, but is opening it's door again with all new SMART APARTMENTS! The newly renovated apartments come equipped with Amazon Echo Dots around the living room and bedrooms.

My wife and I just bought a new fridge and stove, both of which can connect to the wi-fi in our home. We also have our thermostats, security system, washer/dryer, and living room television all connected to wi-fi and can be controlled one way or another using apps on our phone. We have upgraded to the voice-activation yet but it's coming! Only things voice activated in our home are our phones (OK, Google) and the multiple Playstation 4's scattered throughout the house!

How 'SMART' is YOUR home? How many things do you have 'CONNECTED' via wi-fi or on your Echo or Dot?

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