I want to start by saying that I wasn't planning on having this topic become such a focal point of The Rob's Radio Show With Maddie West here lately.  I told this story back in January, during my first show after I proposed to Brittany two days before Christmas.  Nobody really reacted strongly to the story five months ago.


Earlier this week, I told the story again because, despite promising myself I wouldn't give a particular jewelry store here in Evansville any more business, I need to go back in to get a matching wedding band for Brittany's ring.

The story goes like this:  Brittany wanted a specific ring, or at least a specific line.  That line is only carried at a specific jewelry store here in Evansville.  (I will not be revealing the jewelry store's name.  I'm not trying to negatively impact their business, get anybody in trouble, or get anything for free.  I will say, though, that it is a chain jewelry store and not a local jeweler.)  I went to the jeweler and honestly had a positive experience.  The guy who took care of me seemed really well-informed, polite, and helpful.  This is the first ring I've ever had to buy.


When it came time for payment, I told him it is absolutely imperative that NO MAIL could sent until 2018 (this was mid-December at the time).  I even told him about how that same store nearly ruined a Christmas gift two years prior.  I bought Brittany some diamond earring from that store two years before.  A few days after I bought them, but before Christmas, a HUGE magazine from their store showed up in the mailbox addressed to me.  I was able to beat Brittany to the mailbox for that one.  I even said if this wasn't possible, I would wait a few weeks to come back and pick up the ring and pay.


The salesman PROMISED me NO MAIL would be sent to my home before the new year.  (Brittany and I live together in sin.)  I took him at his word.  A few days later, I traveled home to Pennsylvania for a week for my sister's wedding.  While I was there, Brittany checked the mail and saw not one BUT TWO pieces of mail "[BLANK] Jewelers - Billing Department."  I had no idea.  Brittany even called her mom to let her know that "Rob is about to propose."  She had been waiting for this for nearly five years...  And the whole surprise was ruined.


Brittany still said yes, but she admitted she wasn't surprised and told me why.  I'm not the "let me talk to your manager" kind of guy.  I'm not the go-back-in-there-and-raise-some-hell kind of guy either.  But I was seething mad, and I promised myself I wouldn't give them my business ever again.


However, as the wedding gets closer, we need to get Brittany the matching wedding band.  I'm perfectly OK with getting the band there because I'd rather her have the band that she wants than keep that bitter promise I made to myself.  But this made me think...  Now that I have to go back there, SHOULD I SAY SOMETHING?


We posed this question on the radio.  We got a TON of feedback, almost unanimously saying I should absolutely say something.  I'll also include what our Facebook had to say about this as well.  I'm still looking for opinions on this topic, too.  So please leave a comment and let me know how you would handle this awkward situation if you were me.



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