The clothing store, H&M opened its first store in Evansville earlier this week inside Eastland Mall, and by the look of my Facebook and Twitter feeds, people are pretty excited about it. That lead me to think about other retailers and restaurants we don't have, something I've addressed before with my own personal tastes, but this time I wanted to know what you think we need but don't have. I put the question out there Tuesday afternoon, and this is what I heard.

Dunkin Donuts

(Google Maps)

The were rumors a few year's back that Dunkin' was looking to open a store in Evansville near the airport, however it never came to pass. The only one currently in the Tri-State is the one pictured above on Frederica Street in Owensboro. With Donut Bank having the Evansville donut market on lockdown, Dunkin' may have decided trying to compete would be a waste of time.

Jack in the Box

(Google Maps)

The closest Jack in the Box restaurant chain you'll find near the Tri-State is in Clarksville, Tennessee, an hour and 45 minute drive south of Evansville according to Google Maps. I've never eaten at one personally, but one caller on Tuesday swore by it, claiming we need one in Evansville.

Cheesecake Factory

(Google Maps)

Another restaurant I've never been to when traveling to a city that has one, however people I know that have been there absolutely love it. The restaurant features a full menu with a variety of cuisines, but their main claim to fame is of course, cheesecake, of which they offer 36 different varieties. The closest one to us sits at the Mall St. Matthews in Louisville.

You'll notice that all the suggestions I received yesterday were restaurants opposed to retail outlets like H&M. This didn't surprise me at all, as if there's one thing we do well here in Evansville is eat.

What restaurant, or retail outlet, would you like to see Evansville get next? Let me know in the comments below.