This morning on the show, I was telling Kat a story about how I dressed up as Howard Stern as a senior in high school for picture day.


For some reason I can't remember, I'm sure it had to do with shooting a video segment for my broadcasting class, I had my Howard Stern wig in my backpack that day (I had portrayed Howard previously for Halloween).  I had to actually convince the photographer that I was not wearing a wig.  As far as the sunglasses, my best guess is the poor guy had probably just said "F it" as I'm sure I became a nuisance.

But anyway, as a life-long Stern fan, here is the final product of my ridiculous high school senior ID.  "A Ba Ba Booey to y'all" and hit 'em with the Hein! 

The Hirschbuhl Collection
The Hirschbuhl Collection

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