What if I told you that you could help out a local charity simply by enjoying a lunch at your local Buffalo Wild Wings? In an effort to support the Evansville Boys & Girls Club BWW has begun their “Eat Wings. Raise Funds.” program Friday, May 31st 2013. The event will continue to run bi-weekly until May 2014.

In this partnership BWW hopes to be part of the Boys & Girls Club mission in improving the lives of local underprivileged children in the Evansville area. The club inspires guidance and leadership into these children resulting in a better community.

To participate in this program all you have to do is download a voucher from our website and present them to your waiter/waitress during your meal or pick one up from the Boys & Girls Club office. Doing this will ensure that BWW donates 10% of the cost of your meal to the Evansville Boys & Girls Club. This cause has already resulting in over $1 million in donations nationally!

I urge you to download and print these vouchers and help a great cause in the Evansville area. The program has a goal of raising $6,000 over the course of the program, but I would challenge you to be a part of demolishing this goal!


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