The local charity is among the finalists competing to win a brand new vehicle in Toyota's annual "100 Cars for Good" contest.

This is the third year for the charity event which does exactly what it says, gives away 100 cars to 100 different charities across the company for 100 days. Vehicle winners are based on the number of votes they receive during their pre-assigned voting day.

Aurora, Inc.'s voting day will be held online on October 12th as they compete for the chance to win a brand new Sienna minivan to assist in their mission to end homelessness in the Evansville area.

While that date is still a few weeks away, you can visit now and set up a reminder to prevent you from freaking out on October 13th when you will realize you forgot to vote.

For more information on Aurora's mission to end homelessness, and how you can help, visit their website.