The number of internet/wi-fi capable devices in my house has TRIPLED over the past 6 months. And my old internet service provider (WOW Cable) just didn't offer enough bandwidth to accommodate all of them.

So I had to make the switch over to Insight to get their 20.0 package. Only problem was, my monthly budget wouldn't let me have both the HDTV/DVR and High-speed internet packages. Here's where the hard choice came in....

Do I sacrifice HDTV for Higher-Speed internet?

My wife and I talked it over for a bit and decided that we'd go with higher speed internet. Since we have Netflix, Hulu and Youtube, we can always watch our favorite shows that way, just not as soon as they air!

What would you have done? If you had to choose between HDTV or High-speed internet, which would you choose?

Cast you vote in the poll and I read the results during next week's show!