Outer space has never looked so delicious.

You're students, you're going to Harvard, and I hear that's like the easiest school ever to get in to so I'm sure you have plenty of free time on your hands to do crazy stuff with...like I don't know send a burger into space.

Five students from Harvard got together and with a little help from local burger joint B. Good they were able to send a burger to a place where no burger has gone before.  It's one small step for beef, one giant leap for cheeseburgers.  If I were B. Good I'd start marketing myself as "The home of the original space burger!" Because no body else would be able to say that and actually mean it.  Anyways though, with lots of super glue, a screw, a camera, a weather balloon, and a cell phone (for GPS tracking so they could find the burger after)  a group of Harvard students can send just about anything into outer space.

So check out this video of a burger going into outer space, this thing even reaches 90,000 feet!

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