British actress, Miriam Margolyes, best known to American audiences as Professor Sprout, Head of Herbology and Head of Hufflepuff House in the world of Harry Potter films will be in the Tri-State next week to film part of a new documentary series for the BBC at the YMCA's Camp Carson in Princeton, Indiana!

According to the YMCA Camp Carson Facebook page, the series finds Margolyes taking a thousand mile journey through America's heartland beginning in Chicago and finishing up in New Orleans.

Margolyes' stay is scheduled to take place Sunday, July 16th and conclude on Wednesday, July 19th. As the Facebook post states, she's expected to experience camp life with the children in attendance while also shadowing the camp staff to see what all it takes to make sure the kids stay safe and make happy memories that will last a lifetime.

There's no doubt she'll see a little magic during her stay. It may not be the same kind of magic she experienced in her role as Professor Sprout, but a magic no movie could replicate.

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