We’re deep enough in the woods of Bryan Fuller’s American Gods that Hannibal feels almost like a dream. Fuller isn’t giving up hope on a fourth season, however, teasing that one major storyline would have been all about “Margot Verger taking down the meat industry as a hot, powerful lesbian.”

The tidbit came in conversation with Fuller during the Post Mortem With Mick Garris podcast, wherein the ex-Hannibal boss detailed that the rights revert back from Gaumont TV to producer Martha De Laurentiis this September. Said rights still won’t include any Silence of the Lambs characters, but Fuller revealed that at least part of his Season 4 plans would involve Katharine Isabelle’s Margot Verger (via Nerdist):

‘There’s a whole storyline that I want to do with Katharine Isabelle’s character, Margot Verger, who now is the mother of the Verger heir and in control of the Verger meatpacking industry.’ Fuller says he wants Verger to be like a Joan Crawford at Pepsi, take-no-crap type of spokesperson. ‘I wanted her to humanize all the Verger meatpacking plants and turn them over to PETA-approved [authority]. That would definitely be marbled through the season, Margot Verger taking down the meat industry as a hot, powerful lesbian.’

Star Hugh Dancy once claimed Season 4 “took us back to the first season in a very unexpected way,” as well that any potential revival might have to wait four or five years. Dancy himself is busy with The Path, while Fuller has American Gods Season 2 to think about, to say nothing of Mads Mikkelsen’s availability.

It could still be some time before new Hannibal hits the kitchen, but how should the story move forward from that mysterious dinner?

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